Azaleas. Who knew?

April 13th, 2006

A strange thing happened today.

I looked out the window this morning and saw a GIANT GOLDEN BALL IN THE SKY. And it appeared to be creating a bright light and radiating warmth unto the land.

What the hell?

I dug deep into the dusty corners of my brain, conjured up a memory from February, and realized that the fireball above me might be that thing they call “The Sun”.

For the record, this is what the weather has looked like here for the last, oh, 2 months:

Wet Weater Widget

I quickly realized that this might be my only chance in April to actually plant something in my yard without the risk of drowning, so I zipped over to the nursery, picked out 3 lovely azalea plants, and loaded them into my car. I noticed as I was driving home that I seemed to have some sort of slight rash on my forearms. Huh. Weird.

I came home and made lunch (Buyer beware: HOT POCKETS PIZZA MINIS ARE A POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR JENO’S/TOTINO’S PIZZA ROLLS), and then decided I should get the azaleas planted before the heavens opened and dumped another 792 feet of rain on me.

I planted the azaleas, and came inside to clean up. That’s when I saw the rash on my arms again. The arms that had just been holding azalea plants.

It was back. And angry. And bumpy. And itchy.

Who the hell is allergic to azaleas??

Itchy arms aside, I hope that fireball thing sticks around. It was rather pleasant.

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  1. I just discovered that I’m allergic to azaleas, too. I thought it was poison ivy. I googled allergic to azaleas and came across your blog. Unbelievable.

  2. Hi

    Well i’ve been a bit worried about my rash, because at the moment I am taking loads of medication for spinal problems, so thought it could be one of those, but didn’t know how to distinguish.

    So I also remembered that I had been pruning azaleas the day before, and i was actually relieved that i might have the same reaction as you.

    Red, bumpy, blotchy, itchy hands and forearms. What do you suggest to get rid, antihystemines ?


  3. Oh my goodness ! I pruned my mom’s azaleas and moved some of them last week, and I have been tortured by an itchy, blistering rash ever since. I thought it was poison ivy at first too, but this is much worse than any poison ivy I’ve ever had, and I know there was no poison ivy out there. I have been treating it as you would poison ivy because I can’t find any other remedies out there, but they aren’t helping. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I was worried the azaleas wouldn’t survive being moved at this time of year, but now I don’t care !

  4. haha thats my name i was googleing if llamas were really allergic to azaleas

  5. is Ok to have a plant inside my house?

  6. An allergic reaction to azaleas is not uncommon. I also have allergic reactions to them and break out in hives. I have found that you should wear long sleeves and gloves when pruning your azaleas to minimize any contact to the skin. In addition, as soon as I finish pruning them, and before I do more garden work, I always go inside immediately and wash my hands and arms with liquid soap and water. I have found that any minor break outs that occurred around the wrists(or the area that is kind of exposed) goes away within hours and helps relieve much of the itching and reduces skin irritation.

    I hope this helps anyone that comes across this in the future!

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